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Clear Ballistics: Shooting Upward with Business Recipe

Clear Ballistics:  Shooting Upward with Business Recipe
Clear Ballistics owner Joel Edwards was in information technology at USA Truck when he started tinkering with recipes for ballistic gelatin. “I was looking at different jellies, different fishing lures, a lot of different products. I was mixing products together to see how they reacted,” he said.

Joel Edwards of Clear Ballistics says he never intended to start a company or become wealthy; he just wanted to see if he could make ballistic gelatin.
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No Insurance? No Problem, Pinnacle Internal Medicine Says

When Pinnacle Internal Medicine opens its doors on Sept. 4, it won't ask patients for their insurance cards. The Little Rock doctors' clinic doesn't take them.
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Hard to Do: Businesses May Need to Break Up with Customers

"The payments became a week late, two weeks, a month late and then the final month it never came," says Gil Gildner, co-founder of Discosloth, a marketing company in Little Rock. "We decided, you're not even invested in this project. We have to cut this off."
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Asa Hutchinson Announces Appointments to Funeral Industry Board

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces his eight appointees to the new state Board of Embalmers, Funeral Directors, Cemeteries and Burial Services, which assumed oversight of the funeral industry on July 1. read more >

IRS Proposes Rules to Govern New Small Business Deduction

Small business owners have gotten more information about a new tax break many will get, with the IRS issuing proposed regulations that explain the deduction for qualified business income and which company owners can claim it. read more >

Your Duty To Your Employees (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Here's the thing: 401(k) plans managed with care, skill, prudence and diligence are as good for executives, who may be paying fees on higher balances, as for rank-and-file workers, who can't afford an expensive mistake. read more >

Fed Finds Inequality in Wealth Distribution Growing

The distribution of income and wealth in the United States has grown increasingly unequal, according to the Federal Reserve. read more >

Jonesboro, ASU Explore New Entertainment Corridor

Continuing its efforts to enhance the campus-community connection, Jonesboro is exploring ways to develop an entertainment corridor between its downtown district and Arkansas State. read more >

SPONSORED: The False Promise Of Search Engine Optimization

Limited resources could mean finding options for the the effective, but elusive, SEO in order to maximize return on investment. read more >

Open Jobs Outnumber US Unemployed for 3rd Straight Month

U.S. employers posted slightly more openings in June than the previous month, resulting in more available jobs than unemployed people for the third straight month, signaling a solid economy. read more >

Dry Cleaner Says Breach of Contract Won't Wash

An Arkadelphia businessman has filed a lawsuit in Washington County Circuit Court alleging that a Gravette man breached a contract when his company failed to follow through on a seven-digit property purchase. read more >

Training Workers for Today's Jobs (Editorial)

College is increasingly expensive and it's not for everyone. Meanwhile, high-paying jobs that don't require a college education are going unfilled. read more >

Atypical Coffee Not Your Regular Cup of Joe

Atypical Coffee of Little Rock sources its beans directly from coffee growers around the world and roasts them locally. read more >

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