Multimedia Video Production/Graphic Design Instructor


This is an academic nine-month position responsible for:
1. Teaching a minimum of 15 semester hours each fall and spring semester with instruction including, but not limited to, film and video production, computer graphics, and graphic design multimedia courses.
2. Assisting in maintenance and supervision of laboratories.
3. Maintaining a minimum of 10 office hours per week to be accessible as needed for student conferences.
4. Assisting in curriculum development and selection of instructional materials.
5. Assuming duties, including committee assignments over and above assigned classes and office hours.
6. Utilizing talents, academic background, and personal qualities to serve the best interest of students and the College.

The faculty member in this position should have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:
1. Use student-centered instructional methodology, techniques, and classroom procedures.
2. Teach typical introductory and advanced film and video production, computer graphics, and graphic design multimedia courses.
3. Teach basic computer operating system software as it relates to film and video production and computer graphics applications.
4. Maintain current computer software, hardware, and technology skills used in business and industry.

1. Bachelor’s degree in film and video production, graphic design, or related area.
2. Must be able to present samples or portfolio of personal work.
3. Minimum of two (2) years practical experience in related field.

1. Master’s degree related field.
2. Minimum of five (5) years work experience in related field.
3. Teaching experience at post-secondary level.

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