Social Science Instructor


This is an academic nine-month position with full benefits. This position requires a commitment to teaching in a dynamic community college setting and the ability to successfully interact and respond to the broad ranging needs of an academically and culturally diverse campus setting. The instructor will provide instruction in Psychology, Sociology, Social Programs, and Developmental Psychology. This position will be responsible for:

1. Teaching a minimum of 15 semester hours each Fall and Spring semesters in Psychology, Sociology, Social Problems, and Developmental Psychology.
2. Providing tutoring and individual supplemental instruction to math students.
3. Maintaining a minimum of 10 office hours per week to be accessible as needed for student conferences.
4. Assisting in curriculum development and selection of instructional materials.
5. In addition to teaching duties, the faculty member will be expected to maintain active participation in non-instructional campus responsibilities such as college and departmental initiatives, committee work, student record keeping, curriculum planning, assessment of student learning, recruiting, and professional development.

1. Master’s degree, with 18 graduate hours in counseling or related field.
2. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
3. Good command of the English language.

1. Teaching experience in higher education.
2. Experience using Nuventive Improve system

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