Entry Level Firefighter/EMT


Springdale Fire Department is a full service municipal department that responds to: Fire, EMS, Haz-Mat, and Technical Rescue emergency events. Springdale Fire Department and its members strive for excellence in all we do. We're proud to say that our department has an ISO Class 1 rating and is a CFAI Accredited department. We are involved in community risk reduction and public education events. We work 24/48 shifts which means you will work 24 hours on-duty and then have 48 hours off. Our fire, EMS, and rescue coverage area is 48 square miles. Our department responds to approximately 8,400 calls per year. We staff 7 stations with a total of 127 sworn personnel and 4 civilian employees. Station 8 is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in summer 2020, and Station 9 will be opened in 2021. The opening of these stations means we will be hiring additional personnel. There's no better time to apply than now!

1. Provide good customer service to both internal and external customers; maintain positive and effective working relationships with other City employees (especially members of his or her own team), and have regular and reliable attendance that is non-disruptive.
2. Emergency response for fire suppression, EMS, Hazmat, and other forms of special rescues.
3. Provide fire suppression in all types of fire situations. And provide medical treatment and transport for injured citizens.
4. Perform search and rescue operations at fires to locate and remove victims.
5. Perform ventilation operations at fires to remove smoke and heat from structures.
6. Participate in training classes and drills to maintain and enhance firefighting and EMS skills.
7. Public education and fire safety education with children, adults and schools.
8. Clean and maintain station and equipment.
9. Personal, company and department training.
10. Regularly participates in either group or self-directed physical fitness activities during duty hours.
11. Conduct pre-fire plans and inspections with local businesses and establishments.
12. Back-up driver.
13. Assist Driver/Operator with truck and equipment checks daily and perform hose and pump testing annually.
14. Perform recordkeeping.
15. Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

Age : 18 to 34 years of age unless one or more of the exceptions outlined in Ark. State Code 14-51-301(b)(1)(C)(i) is met.
US Citizen, High School Grad/GED, Valid Driver's License, Ability to Read/Speak English, Vision correctable to 20-20 per NFPA Standard 1582.
Post Hiring Education: Firefighter I & II Certifications, Haz-Mat Awareness & Operations, and Arkansas EMT License obtained within 12 month. (Post hiring education is provided by SFD, if needed.)

Apply Online: springdalear.gov/789/Current-Job-Openings

Application Instructions:
Things to do before the application deadline:
1. Successfully complete a FireTEAM test. Register at: nationaltestingnetwork.com.
2. Successfully complete a CPAT exam at any certified IAFF/IAFC location.
3. Complete a City of Springdale online application.

Deadline is 4:00PM on Dec. 2, 2019

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