Assistant Manager - Electronic Security



Develop understanding of Stephens employee and tenant access control department requirements and approved authority levels for access control changes, deletions or additions. Coordinate and assist Manager to ensure all terminations or deactivations are only conducted with proper authority level or Human Resources, Building Management, Security Department Director or Electronic Security Systems Manager.
Assist Security, Human Resources, or Building Management with review of video or access control records for any incident required. Results should only be shared with approved authority requests and remain confidential.
Assist Manager with the coordination of design, bid solicitation, contract negotiations, contract approval, installation coordination, and final inspection/testing of new, additions, remodels, and deletions of security systems or existing security system devices at all facilities and key executive homes.
Act as project lead on electronic security projects by developing the project program and managing the project work and efforts of all designated team members to ensure completion of the project on schedule, within budget and in line with departmental, corporate and industry standards.
Develop and maintain standard operating procedural manuals for all related security systems for user assistance.
Act as lead employee in Control Center by assisting with development & maintaining work schedule, filling open shifts that arise due to illness, vacation or attrition; etc.
Train and develop Stephens security employees assigned to the Control Center in access control, alarm, CCTV, perimeter protection and radio systems.
Maintain all security related equipment in control center including software updates and any preventative maintenance necessary. Work directly with manufacturer support staff and/or Stephens Information Systems or Telecom personnel to correct any issues concerning Control Center hardware or software related to access control, CCTV, alarm monitoring, or 911 call information.
Conduct or assist with the coordination with contractors for scheduled systems tests & routine preventative maintenance; troubleshoot system problems – determine if in-house repair is feasible versus use of 3rd party vendor; complete in-house repairs whenever feasible; arrange and manage repair by 3rd party vendor when in-house isn’t feasible
Perform all programming of alarm panels (commercial & residential) to include all signals designated by Stephens monitoring standards for all systems.
Ensure and oversee the appropriate response to all emergency and crisis situations on a 7 day/24 hour/365 day basis.
Provide training and technical support for end users of security systems.
Ensure reliable, proactive measures are in place to detect and correct system problems ASAP.
Interact and work as a team player with entire security staff.
Perform other tasks as assigned by management.
Please note that systems specified, managed and monitored by this position are geographically dispersed throughout the United States and Europe and include commercial facilities, as well as, private residences of the Stephens family and certain key executives.

Bachelor’s degree/equivalent in computer programming or related field.
Minimum of 5 years of experience in installation, programming, maintaining, repairing, troubleshooting, testing, modifying, and building layouts of physical security, computer security and electronic security systems.
Extensive knowledge of security hardware devices, includes alarm equipment, access control equipment, CCTV equipment is required.
Good communication and project management skills are required.
Previous experience managing a central station, security system installation department and/or security system service department is preferred.

Strong computer skills including the use of Microsoft Office
Ability to learn and use other industry specific software as required

Current valid driver’s license to operate company vehicles
Must be able to obtain CPR/AED and First Aid certification
Must be able to obtain appropriate license(s) for the state of Arkansas, if required.
Ability to successfully complete all required training programs and maintain appropriate license(s).

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