Executive Sales Representative


Job Description

• To represent Crews & Associates and develop client relationships around the products offered by the firm.
• To develop new customers in order to build a sustainable book of business for the firm.
• Continue to develop professional business acumen to better serve your client base.
• Serve each client with superior customer service.
• Maintain strong professional relationships through regular contact.
• Approach each day with a positive attitude, a good work ethic and a team mindset.
• Maintain accurate accounting of expenses for the firm as required for all travel and entertainment.


• Proficiency in the structure and pricing of investment products.
• Proficiency in showing offerings to clients, obtaining bids with appropriate mark to show to clients.
• Proficiency in setting up and maintaining various types of accounts.
• Proficiency in the trading accurate communication with the various desk as it relates to bid/offers with clients.
• Proficiency in program applications including, but not limited to Excel, Word, Bloomberg, ZIA, Dashboard, CRM and ability to utilize their functions for analysis and dissemination of information with the purpose of increasing sales productivity.
• Proficiency in determining Profit/Loss from cost basis and/or stand.
• Working knowledge of regulatory requirements related to the job.
• Effective communication skills to engage and transact business with customers and coworkers in professional manner.
• Possess professional communication skills to engage with various departments within the organization for collaboration and problem solving.
• Attention to detail, ability to multi-task and prioritize work.

Duties & Expectations of Primary Role - Broker

• Writing trade tickets in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance to industry regulations unless delegated by an assigned assistant.
• Being aware of product offerings and/or where to find them, having an understanding of how those products are structured and priced, and the competency to show products to clients.
• Act as the most efficient conduit for your client to the marketplace.
• Being aware of any and all offerings that could result in a trade for you client.
• Maintain accurate client files and relevant notes in CRM or other company systems.
• Be willing to assist others with trades or tickets.
• Your work attendance and attention to detail reflect your professionalism as a broker.
• Dependable attendance is a requirement for this role.

Secondary Role - As assigned (to include, but not limited to the following)

o Tasks as requested which are within the skillset of a licensed representative of the firm.
o Assist in special projects as may be requested.
o Serve as backup when other brokers are busy or out of office.

What does Success look like?

• Your actions align with the values of the 3-legged stool (Crews Culture)
• You are able to timely, accurately, and effectively carry out the tasks of a Licensed Registered Broker.
• Interactions, both internal and external, reflect a level of professionalism and fosters an attitude of respect from your peers.
• Customer needs are successfully met.
• To daily strive towards new opportunities, new relationships and new skills.
• Co-workers see you as helpful, and a vital part of the Crews & Associates team.
• Crews & Associates shows growth in its business activity and maintains integrity in business community.


• Series 7, 52 & Series 63

Work Schedule

• Days: Monday - Friday
• Time: Generally, 40 hours a week. 7:30am - 4:30pm. 7:30am-3:30pm on Fridays.
• Lunch: Crews provides time each day for uninterrupted lunch breaks. However, depending on the day's work, discretion should be exercised in when and where to take the lunch break. Due to the nature of the job, sometimes the workflow may mean eating lunch at your desk.
• The employee's supervisor may adjust his/her work hours depending on the need.
• Notification to, and approval from, the employee's supervisor is required if the employee plans to be absent for any reason. If your supervisor is unavailable, please notify Head of Human Resources.

Vacation/Sick Time:
• As outlined in the Employee Handbook

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