Unarmed Security Officer



Control access points to Stephens Inc. property to prevent unauthorized entry and illegal removal of assets. This includes making positive eye contact with each person and acknowledging them as they enter the property, issuing a polite verbal greeting and assisting them with questions, directions, etc. This also includes issuing a polite verbal farewell as people depart the property.
NOTE: a security officer is often the very first and very last impression an employee, guest, tenant or visitor will have of our company – it is critical that you present a professional, capable and friendly image as people both arrive and depart our facilities. Upwards of 90% of an Officer’s day to day job involves delivering world class customer service.
Foot patrol inside and around the perimeter of the property for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access, unauthorized/illegal activities such as security violations, thefts, pilferage, acts of vandalism, misconduct, etc. that may be detrimental to the company, its tenants and its employees. These patrols are also designed to detect and/or prevent serious maintenance issues such as water leaks, malfunctioning equipment, etc.
Challenge unauthorized persons found on Stephens Inc. property.
Monitor closed circuit television system to oversee safety, security, and traffic on Stephens Inc. property. Operate, monitor and maintain all other safety and security systems.
Maintain constant alert for suspicious activity/individuals/vehicles/etc., safety hazards or incidents and takes action to correct related problems; issues citations for parking violations and tow vehicles as deemed necessary.
Intercede as necessary in physical disturbances or to prevent property removal or damage. Subdue individuals when necessary.
Communicate with all employees to increase their security awareness regarding corporate policy and procedure regarding safety & security.
Respond to emergency/non-emergency situations and provide backup support to other security units in a timely manner. Assist victims of offenses. Provide or request other services as needed (i.e. police unit, fire unit, ambulance, towing service, etc.)
Assist persons who are incapacitated due to an emergency situation. Provide first-aid services if necessary. Transport persons to other locations as necessary in responding to an emergency.
Assist law enforcement officers as necessary.
Conduct building surveys/security audits to ensure the safety and security of Stephens Inc. employees, tenants, and property.
Write reports concerning security activities. Communicate information by radio, telephone etc. Process and update records (electronic and written) pertaining to security activities requiring appropriate documentation and record retention.
Coordinate and record the issuance and retrieval of equipment/supplies; issuance & retrieval of access cards; visitor, tenant & employee clearance; etc.
Perform other tasks as assigned by management.


High School diploma or general education degree (GED) plus two years of college courses in related field or two years full-time experience in law enforcement, military or corporate security.


Must meet all minimum requirements in the state of Arkansas as it pertains to private security officers. Must be bondable and qualify for a commission as a private security officer in the state of Arkansas. Although this is not an armed position, applicants must meet all the requirements of the state of Arkansas for armed private security officers.


The duties and responsibilities of an unarmed security officer require frequent and prolonged walking, standing, sitting and stooping. They may also require occasional running. In addition, an unarmed security officer may be required to subdue violent or potentially violent individuals. Physical stamina in all of its forms is a basic requirement of this position. Required training for this position requires initial and ongoing training that involves strenuous physical activity such as running, sprinting, stooping, kneeling, laying down, climbing stairs, etc.

Must be able to withstand the physical demands of responding to emergency situations
Must be able to work under stress
Must have the ability to subdue attackers
Must have the ability to physically control violent or unruly crowds
Must have the ability to subdue after running a short distance in pursuit
Must have the ability to respond to an emergency with unplanned strenuous physical activity
Must have the ability to climb stairs in pursuit or in emergency
Must have the ability to sit, stand and walk for at least 2 hours
This opening could potentially be an armed position. If armed, the requirements will be:
Essential Task Test Event

Initial Employment Standard

Vertical Jump

12.5 inches

1 Repetition Max Weight Bench Press

70% of body weight

300 Meter Run

84.0 seconds

Sit Ups

22 or more in one minute

1.5 Mile Run

18 minutes, 48 seconds

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