Warehouse manager

  • Company: Kice
  • Updated: 3/28/2023

We are seeking a motivated individual to join our company as a Shipping and Receiving Supervisor. As part of our team, you oversee and document the receiving of packages, parcels, and supplies, store items in the appropriate areas, and prepare items for shipping. This is a position that requires a highly organized personality. You must pay close attention to small details while managing the logistics of a high volume of items entering and leaving the facility.


* Accept and document packages and deliveries made to the facility
* Store items received in appropriate storage areas, documenting any changes
* Prepare items for shipping, noting item contents, delivery methods, and other logistical details
* Identify and resolve shipping, storage, or receiving discrepancies as they arise
* Maintain a clearly organized workspaces
* Manage a team of 3 shipping/receiving personnel

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