Director of Information Technology


JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for overseeing the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an information technology system that serves the offices of the Circuit County Clerk and the Circuit Courts; responsible for the supervision of the technical staff in the Information Technology Department.


Supervises the technical staff of the Information Technology Department.
Develops and implements short- and long-term information technology plans for Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Courts.
Reviews IT Department budget ensuring adequate funds to meet projected needs and achieve goals established in the department’s information technology plans.
Oversees the provision of desktop support for approximately 310 PCs used by 270 Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court employees across four locations, in-person, by telephone, and by remote connection.
Directs the installation, operation, and maintenance of all hardware, software, and peripherals, including printers and scanners for Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court.
Ensures software and hardware updates and patches are installed on all PC operating systems for Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court to ensure functionality and security of the system.
Purchases, configures, monitors, and troubleshoots server and network hardware and software for the Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court.
Develops, maintains, and troubleshoots Wi-Fi service across three locations.
Develops and implements network security plan to maintain file and functional security of Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court computer systems.
Works with Circuit/County Clerk administrative staff to develop and maintain continuity of operations and disaster recovery plans.
Oversees the maintenance of backup generators across two locations.
Provides technical assistance to Chief Deputy in meeting FOIA requests.
Works with Circuit/County Clerk staff to develop and maintain SQL databases for searches available to both local and website users.
Assesses personnel needs for computer-related training and recommends classes as needed; designs and conducts user hardware and software training.
Conducts job interviews and makes departmental hiring and disciplinary recommendations.
Maintains service agreements and contracts for Circuit/County Clerk and Circuit Court hardware and software.
Remains current in changing technology through communication with vendors, research in trade journals, and attendance at relevant industry seminars.
Ensures that licensing requirements are met for all purchased software.
Ensures backup and replication of network data.
Develops and implements all information technology standards and practices.
Responds to emergency calls concerning the operation of the computer network 24/7/365.
Provides ongoing technical support to the Election Commission during elections, and sets up temporary PC banks for use during major elections.
Provides Audio/visual support to Circuit Courts as needed; establishes secure connections for remote video conferences.
Ensures compliance with legal and Legislative Audit requirements; monitors changes to the law and makes recommendations to the administration for any required changes.


Configures and troubleshoots user accounts and security groups.
Develops and maintains relationships with the technical staff of vendors and other agencies in support of software and hardware resources provided by or shared with those vendors and agencies.
Maintains server, desktop, and network infrastructure at Circuit/County Clerk Disaster Recovery Center.
Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots closed-circuit security camera system hardware and software.
Maintains Circuit/County Clerk equipment inventory.
Oversees the development and maintenance of the Circuit County Clerk website.
Receives requests for hardware and software needs from user departments; makes hardware and software recommendations and prepares bid specifications for purchasing information technology systems and network equipment and software for Circuit County Clerk and Circuit Court.
Prepares all requested reports or listings from information within computer databases.
Performs other related duties as required.


PERSONNEL SUPERVISED: Provides supervision to two System Administrators, one Network Administrator, and one Desktop Support Technician.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in various smoking-restricted County offices. The position may be required to remain on-call as necessary. Work will sometimes result in exposure to a dusty or dirty environment.



Extensive knowledge of hardware, software, and networking principles and technologies.
Extensive knowledge of the maintenance and repair of information technology systems.
Considerable knowledge of network security methods, including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and available hardware/software.
Considerable knowledge of SQL programming language.
Good knowledge of basic web page design and HTML coding.
Good knowledge of budget preparation and procedures.
Ability to provide supervision to an Information Technology staff.
Ability to communicate effectively in writing.
Ability to analyze information technology needs to determine appropriate operational procedures and hardware/software purchases.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with judges, court personnel, vendors, coworkers, system users, and the general public.
Ability to install and integrate server and PC system upgrades, software and updates, and hardware.
Ability to analyze logic utilized within software programs and operating systems.
Ability to remain on-call to provide user support as needed.
Ability to maintain discretion regarding privileged information.



Ability to lift and carry loads up to 30 pounds.
Ability to stoop, bend, climb, and kneel in the installation of equipment.
Ability to effectively communicate orally.
Digital dexterity is sufficient for the operation of a keyboard and mouse.
Visual acuity is sufficient for normal office activities, including the use of a PC.


Completion of a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field; extensive experience in the supervision of a complex information technology system including network system management; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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