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Job Objective
To design, edit, modify, and debug computer programs and to analyze and design new computer systems for the City of Little Rock.

Essential Job Functions

1. Develops system designs and programming requirements for various City departments to ensure maximum data processing capabilities, utilizing SQL,, and other program development tools.

2. Analyzes and converts data for coding instructions to implement software systems; tests the operation of programs to ensure instructions will produce desired output.

3. Makes changes to file structure, size, and security in the core software to enable installation of vendor updates, new releases, and fixes.

4. Conducts special studies pertaining to the development of new or the updating of existing systems.

5. Defines each user's level of security in the computer system and establishes individual system access codes.

6. Writes technical reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals relative to the function and operation of computer systems.

7. Recommends solutions for emergency data processing problems.

8. Designs flow charts and block diagrams for specific programs which represent each logical step and the solution to problems.

9. Develops appropriate test data for use in debugging and checking for accurate and dependable processing.

10. Explains special program instructions to computer operators; operates computer hardware and peripheral equipment in the operator's absence.

11. Provides technical assistance to other programmers in developing new programs and analyzing problems with existing programs.

12. Develops and conducts training sessions for users to aid them in the utilization of systems applications.

13. Serves as backup to the Systems Programmer.

14. Serves as project leader for special projects as assigned.

15. Drive City vehicle

Minimum Qualifications and Additional Requirements
These knowledge, skills, and abilities are usually, although not always, acquired through completion of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, and two (2) years of experience in computer programming, working in a Microsoft and/or PHP/Linux environment. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.

Secondary Duties
1. Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge of computer languages, including C#, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML.

• Knowledge of computer logic, block diagramming, and flow charting.

• Knowledge of computer program design methods and techniques.

• Knowledge of computer operating systems and systems software, including Windows Server, Windows Desktop, and Linux.

• Knowledge of engineering, accounting, and mathematic principles as applied to analyzing computer system capabilities and requirements.

• Skill in the operation of a personal computer.

• Ability to develop system designs and programming requirements for City departments.

• Ability to analyze and convert data for coding instructions to implement software systems.

• Ability to test the operations of programs to ensure instructions will produce desired output.

• Ability to make changes to core software to enable the installation of vendor updates, new releases, and fixes.

• Ability to design computer programs, record layouts, and file layouts.

• Ability to write, edit, modify, and debug computer programs to achieve desired output.

• Ability to test new programs to ensure syntax and logic are correct.

• Ability to perform large amounts of detailed work.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Background Investigation
If position routinely drives city vehicle - change to Panel B drug screening, include on JD-Spec

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