Detention Officer


Interested individuals must come to the Human Resources Office to complete an application for the position between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or online at the Pulaski County website at The Human Resources Office is located in Suite 100 of the Pulaski County Administration Bldg, 201 S. Broadway, LR 72201.

STARTING SALARY: $33,330 - $37,278

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY/FUNCTION: Responsible for providing security in the detention of inmates within the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility ensuring compliance with federal, state and local statutes, ordinances, and regulations.
- Conducts daily inspection and maintenance of housing units and facility to ensure proper security.
- Performs security and direct supervision duties within inmate housing units to maintain custody and control the activities of inmates; remains constantly alert for prisoner disruptions such as escape planning, fighting, thefts, suicide attempts, and other prohibited activity.
- Maintains a complete and accurate count of all inmates and their locations within the facility; conducts updated count of inmates and unit checks periodically throughout shift.
- Orients inmates to housing units ensuring all inmates understand facility rules.
- Maintains schedules for inmates allowing exercise times, meals, showering, class attendance, medical visits, unit cleaning, laundry exchange, mail delivery, and visitation at appropriate times; documents inmates’ activities and movements within the facility.
- Conducts surveillance, unit searches and shakedowns to locate and confiscate any fabricated weapons and contraband; inspects and inventories all cleaning products, tools, equipment, bedding, clothing, and medical equipment.
- Prepares written incident reports documenting rule violations, offenses, or unusual events; testifies at disciplinary hearings and in court as needed.
- Completes daily and weekly jail reports, inmate activity reports, incident reports, court lists, and correspondence with the courts; inputs information into computer system.
- Responds to emergencies such as fights, hostage incidents, riots, and incidents involving aggressive and combative inmates; uses force in restraining inmates as needed.
- Provides security for medical staff during distribution of medicine and physical examinations.
- Receives and searches incoming inmates; reviews admission forms for completeness and accuracy before booking inmates; completes paperwork for admittance and enters inmate information into computer; fingerprints and photographs inmates; transmits fingerprints to other law enforcement agencies.
- Performs required screenings, collection and inventory of property; ensures inmates are showered, dressed in issued clothing, and given unit supplies and identification badges.
- Transports inmates to appropriate areas in facility such as medical clinic, classes, library, and barbershop; maintains security at all times and ensures departmental rules and regulations are enforced.
- Monitors facility operation within the central control room by the operation of technical equipment such as cameras, door lock controls, etc.
Work is performed primarily within a controlled detention environment. Constant supervision and surveillance is necessary to avoid dangerous confrontations and ensure personal safety. Duties may involve occasional restraint of hostile or combative detainees. Transportation of inmates to other facilities is required. Work is performed on a variable shift basis. Overtime may be required.
Completion of high school or GED equivalency.
- Jail Minimum Standards within one year from the date of hire.
- No felony convictions.
- 21 years of age.
- Arkansas Driver’s License (or ability to immediately obtain license).
- Must obtain and maintain CPR Certification.
- Must be a U.S. citizen and be able to provide proof when requested by the Sheriff’s Department.
- Employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the following pre-employment requirements: criminal background check, traffic offense check, sexual offender check, child maltreatment check, adult maltreatment check and drug test by appropriate licensed agencies.

Note: All applicants for the Sheriff's Department will be required to provide official documents for education and/or specialized training required for this position. Applicants must meet all standards for employment required by the State of Arkansas and regulated by the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

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