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Job Objective: To design, write, edit, and debug complex computer programs to meet data processing needs of City departments; to serve as project leader in the development of specialized programs to meet major data processing needs of assigned City departments.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Designs, develops, and writes computer instructions required to meet data processing needs of assigned City departments.
2. Reviews City policy and department data and reporting requirements to determine programming needs.
3. Reviews the functioning of assigned programs within the computer system to determine the need for changes in file structure, size, or security access to ensure efficient functioning of the program.
4. Reviews documentation provided by vendors of purchased software to determine the best method of installation and testing of those programs to assure proper functioning.
5. Reviews data processing needs of assigned departments by reviewing output requirements, changes in legislation or policy to determine program development needs.
6. Develops programs required to create custom reports required by user departments; develops new programs or rewrites code required for existing software to ensure efficiency of the program and provision of data in the manner needed.
7. Prepares flow charts and block diagrams for specific programs to ensure proper logic is used in program development and problem resolution.
8. Develops documentation regarding program creation, testing, and debugging requirements; updates documentation to include information regarding program changes to ensure other programming personnel have access to information required to resolve problems with programs.
9. Tests the operation of programs to ensure efficient and effective processing; develops appropriate test data base for use in reviewing the functioning of programs and debugging assigned software.
10. Provides technical assistance to other programmers and City user departments as required for development of new programs and analyzing data processing problems.
11. Conducts training sessions for system users as required to ensure proper system utilization.
12. Serves as project leader for programmers and other City personnel involved in the design, development, implementation, and testing of complex computer programs required for major data processing needs.
13. Designs and creates programming code to establish the security access for users of assigned programs.
14. Provides technical information for special program instructions to computer operations personnel to ensure proper operation of assigned programs.
15. Reviews emergency data processing problems as assigned to determine most appropriate method for resolving those problems.

Minimum Qualifications and Additional Requirements: These knowledge, skills, and abilities are usually, although not always, acquired through completion of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, and four (4) years of experience in computer programming, and two (2) years of demonstrated leadership experience involving a data processing project. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered. Preference will be given to candidates with prior COBOL experience.

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