iProv LLC

iProv LLC

City: Little Rock
Category: Category I (1-30 Employees)
Year: 2019

R.J. Martino can tell you exactly what his company does, and he doesn’t need fanfare or jargon to do it: “Everything you would need a marketing team to do if you had an internal marketing department, that’s what we do for our clients here at iProv.”

Website design? iProv’s been doing it for years. Marketing advice? Check. Traditional advertising and video production? Content creation and social media marketing? They’ve got you covered, says Martino, the company’s president.

But iProv, “an 18-year-old company with a startup mentality always,” according to Martino, focuses powerfully on the health care vertical, driving business for medical practices. “Our goal is always to try to acquire patients for our clients at the cheapest possible price. We become part of each client’s team, and we ask that we are held responsible for results.”

The company, founded in 2001, has 17 employees and has increased its revenue 20 percent over the last three years. “We usually work with smaller physician groups, and we are actually looking at their overarching income goal,” Martino said. “When we report our success, we’re really reporting on their success.”

Martino says his biggest rival isn’t other marketing firms, but rather resistance by some potential clients to seek marketing help. “By far, we lose more business to inaction than to anything else,” he said. “It’s our goal to call these leaders into action.”

He said iProv keeps growing, and he expects the bottom line to grow again this year. “We talk to clients about their pain points and where they’re running into problems growing their practices. It’s not always traditional marketing. Sometimes it’s fixing the way phone calls are answered, or the training of people who do intake.”

Based in west Little Rock off Kanis Road, iProv is now planning a new headquarters. “We are trying as we speak to build a new facility, and we’re excited about that.” Martino’s team is reviewing sites, but few details are locked down.

Until they are, iProv is focusing on client success as it looks ahead, “pouring everything we can into customers’ growth.”

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