Moix Recreational Vehicles

Moix Recreational Vehicles

City: Conway
Category: Category II (31-55 Employees)
Year: 2019

Michael Moix’s father, Frank, opened the family’s first RV dealership, North Plaza Trailer Sales, in October 1976 behind the Sirloin Stockade Steakhouse in Conway after purchasing a Skyline camper for his family and falling in love with the industry.

Frank Moix has since stepped away from day-to-day operations of what is now Moix Recreational Vehicles, but his son continues the family tradition of quality customer service.

“My dad always put the customer first in everything he did,” Moix said. “He believed in taking care of the customer and taking care of the people that work for us. In turn, they take care of us.”

With 34 employees operating on a 9-acre lot in Conway, Moix RV has experienced average annual growth of 27 percent over the past three years, according to Moix. He attributes this success to going beyond quality customer service by providing a unique experience for the company’s customers.

“We really feel that you’ve got to have more than a commodity,” Moix said. “That’s what we’re trying to do with our camping club.”

In 2011, Moix RV established Camp Moix, a camping club for its customers that hosts four or five annual camping events in locations across the South, ranging from Hot Springs to Destin, Florida.

Moix, who regularly takes family RV vacations across the country, says being a part of the RV community has helped create an experience his customers can’t get anywhere else.

“Growing a lifestyle gives them a reason to come back,” Moix said. “When they’re getting ready to buy their next RV or have their RV serviced, we’re the only option.”

Looking to the future, Moix said he is hopeful that Moix RV will see continued success and plans to pass the family business along to his children.

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