OJ’s Commercial Cleaning

OJ’s Commercial Cleaning

City: North Little Rock
Category: Category II (31-55 Employees)
Year: 2019

OJ’s Commercial Cleaning in North Little Rock is a family-owned company that has staked its success on a simple philosophy of trust and open communication with its customers.

“I think that’s been the key to building our business over the years — it’s just that personal connection,” said Chief Operating Officer and owner Janet Hinson. “We work with our customers a lot, and we have a lot of communication with them. That’s how things run smooth.”

Since the company opened in 1993, the OJ’s staff have made face-to-face customer communications a priority. This model of personal customer care continues today with the cleaning company’s on-site inspection program. These regular inspections ensure customers’ satisfaction and allow OJ’s cleaning teams to quickly make any changes necessary to meet their customers’ needs.

Hinson says the company is always looking for ways to accommodate its customers, from developing new product lines to helping customers prepare for special events.

With a staff of 40 servicing more than 220 clients in Arkansas and surrounding states, OJ’s Commercial Cleaning has seen an average annual growth rate of 2.9 percent over the last three years, according to Hinson.

The company doesn’t rely on external sales when connecting with new customers, Hinson says. “I do believe that you don’t need to be selling something that you have never serviced,” Hinson said. “If you don’t know what it is to do a floor, then you don’t need to be selling a customer on getting their floors done.”

The experienced management staff at OJ’s works with all new clients to ensure they get the professional attention that is right for their businesses. Building this personal connection from the start is what Hinson believes has allowed her family’s company to establish quality relationships with its customers for more than 25 years.

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