Kinco Constructors

Kinco Constructors

City: Little Rock
Category: Arkansas Community Foundation's Outstanding Philanthropic Corporations
Year: 2019

Serving Arkansas for more than four decades, Kinco Constructors of Little Rock has built a culture of giving back that goes hand in hand with the company’s commitment to quality and integrity, according to President and CEO Doug Wasson.

“I have been part of Kinco for 36 years and giving back has always been a part of our culture,” Wasson said. “For me personally, it’s a reflection of the values with which I was raised.”

Kinco helps support organizations that improve health care, foster education and support people in times of hardship. Wasson and the senior leadership lead by example, encouraging their employees through their own service.

“I believe the way to promote a culture of charitable activities is by example and our support to team members,” Wasson said. “It is important to me to give back to our community and industry with my time as well as through charitable gifts. I think team members see the actions of all our managers, all of whom give in different ways.”

Kinco supports its employees who contribute their time or money toward projects that enrich their communities in a variety of ways, from organizing teams to helping build structures for local churches to leading donation drives every Christmas.

“We encourage our people to get involved in something that they are personally passionate about,” Wasson said. “The best way to encourage is by saying yes when they want to do something charitable, and giving them our support.”

Wasson believes that growing this culture of giving back at Kinco has had a lasting impression on the company’s workforce.

“I think our team members enjoy when they can be part of something bigger than themselves and the company,” Wasson said. “Knowing they had a positive impact on others and that they did so collectively improves teamwork and builds camaraderie and friendships throughout our company, and that only makes us better.”

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