Sally Mengel

Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Loblolly Creamery

Little Rock

Age: 28

Sally Mengel

For Sally Mengel, making ice cream is more than a job, it is an art. Ice cream “is like an art medium almost — like acrylics or watercolors,” Mengel said. “You freeze it and the flavors develop as it melts on your tongue. I love it!”

A graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Mengel began working at the Green Corner Store in Little Rock in 2010, where she was presented the opportunity to open Loblolly Creamery with Rachel Moore of Little Rock.

“We started making ice cream because there wasn’t anything like it in Little Rock,” Mengel said. “We wanted something local that supported the local farmers and community.”

Loblolly is recognized not only for its handcrafted ice cream, but for its community outreach. Since opening in 2011, the company has partnered with several nonprofits, including Recycle Bikes for Kids, the Thea Foundation, the Arc Arkansas, Care for Animals and others.

“I think the greatest thing about having a business is being part of the community,” Mengel said. “It’s really neat to get the community involved and help publicize what these organizations are doing.”

Faithfully upholding Loblolly’s philosophy of “great food, great service, great finance, great community,” Mengel continues to give back as much as she can to the city of Little Rock.