Brian Blackman

Chief Operating Officer

Waco Title Co.


Age: 39

Brian Blackman

Brian Blackman didn’t grow up with dreams of working for a title company. “I don’t think anyone ever does,” Blackman said.

But while in law school at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, he began working at a title company. And after earning his law degree, Blackman returned to his hometown of Brookland in Craighead County to practice law with his father. After two years in private practice, Blackman moved to Memphis to work for a title insurance underwriter and stayed for 10 years.

Four years ago, Blackman returned to northwest Arkansas when Waco hired him to oversee commercial operations. He was named COO two years ago.

“I really like title work,” Blackman said. “In our industry, the exciting thing is we get to play a role in what, for a lot of people, is the happiest day of their life.”

Blackman said he also loves researching the history of a property and watching as proposed developments grow into actual homes and buildings.

As COO, Blackman has played a significant role in Waco’s recent growth. The title company increased its employee staff by 30 percent in the last year and opened three new office locations; the company is planning to move into a new headquarters in Springdale.

“It’s definitely a different perspective when you’re in this type of role,” Blackman said. “A lot of that for me is to help push the growth of the organization.”