Terrance Clark / Will Staley


Thrive Center

Helena-West Helena

Age: 34 / 36

Terrance Clark / Will Staley

Terrance Clark and Will Staley share a vision for the Thrive Center. “Our mission is to design opportunity,” said Clark. “Our goal is to design a healthy community,” said Staley.

Clark, a native of Illinois, and Staley, an Arkansas native, have known each other for 15 years, and both have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in design. The pair sought to live their values through their work in the field of “social impact design,” and founded the Thrive Center, a nonprofit design firm that also implements and designs programs to improve the quality of life in the region.

In bringing their skills in graphic design and strategic planning to the Delta, “we knew from the start that that was going to be something that made us unique, and we’ve been trying to tie in design to most of our programs as well,” Staley said.

That emphasis on design informs the Cherry Street Fair, a monthly marketplace in downtown Helena for local merchants, artisans and musicians; the Helena Start-up Program, which encourages budding entrepreneurs; and Thrive Arts, which includes an artist in residence program in which artists work with area schools and youth organizations.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for people here in Helena,” Clark stressed, adding that he and Staley aren’t only running a nonprofit; they’re citizens of the community.

Ultimately, Clark said: “You live and enjoy your life better when you’re good to others.”