R.J. Martino

President & CEO


Little Rock

Age: 35

R.J. Martino

R.J. Martino credits his time as an EAST high school student with jump-starting his career.

Environmental And Spatial Technology is “an education program that really teaches you to understand the business-building process,” he said. “What you’re doing is you’re learning a base of knowledge and then you’re going into the community looking for problems that you think software or hardware or technology can solve,” which is what he does today.

Martino has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a Juris Doctor from its Bowen School of Law.

He co-founded digital marketing firm iProv in 2001 and leads Scale Technology, iProv’s rebranded IT services arm.

“I think graduating to this point of where we’re really building a business, building the people around us, building the team that we want, that’s what I’m most proud of,” Martino said. “The people I’m putting in place are better than I am at every single individual job that they are doing.”

He believes in having a plan and sticking to one’s principles regardless of short-term consequences.

Martino is also a “self-help junkie” and an assistant baseball coach. He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, too.