Umang Patel


Conway Management Inc.


Age: 36

Umang Patel

Umang Patel’s family moved to Conway in 1982 to run a motel, and he grew up watching his parents do everything they had to to keep it going while raising three children.

They inspired him to enter the hospitality industry and to teach his own children that life won’t just hand you everything you want; you must work for it.

Patel graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, where he double majored in computer information systems and finance. His first job was at one of his family’s hotels, in maintenance. He recalled that, even when he completed every other task, there were always more cigarette butts to pick up around the property.

Now he manages four hotels in Conway and has helped set up others in the region.

He loves that the industry is always in flux. “What’s new today is old tomorrow, and some processes and procedures we do today are outdated tomorrow. So it’s ever-changing. It’s highly competitive, but you learn a lot,” Patel said.

“At times, it does get very challenging because it feels like you’re a firefighter in the middle of a forest fire. It just depends on how big your hose is and how much water is coming out of it.”