Libby Primm


Primm Risk Solutions


Age: 32

Libby Primm

Libby Primm has loved the insurance business since she began working for an insurance company as a teenager. Four year ago, after being the Affordable Care Act specialist for a firm, Primm started her own company, Primm Risk Solutions. The company specializes in handling benefits for businesses that generally have 100 or fewer employees.

Primm said she saw a need for a company that catered to smaller businesses but she also relied on her faith to make the leap to go out on her own. “I think others in the industry would probably say I was crazy, but I serve a pretty big God,” Primm said. “He told me otherwise. It was completely stepped out on faith alone to start the agency. There was demand from the small employer, the needs they had that I felt like weren’t being filled the way they needed to be filled.”

Now that she’s a small-business owner herself, Primm believes she can provide even better service for her clients. She understands their circumstances because she faces the same ones. “We do have larger clients, but our bread and butter is the guy like me,” Primm said. “Being able to look at it from the employer’s view, being in that seat and making those decisions and paying all those bills, I get it.”

Even though her name is on the company, she doesn’t like the term “boss.” “I have some really awesome teammates that make it possible,” Primm said. “There is no way I could do it if I didn’t have a good team like this.”