Cory Scott

Chief Operating Officer

DataScout LLC


Age: 35

Cory Scott

Medical school didn’t work out for Cory Scott, nor did life in the corporate world of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell. But Scott has found his home in the small private company founded by his dad, Tom.

Tom Scott developed software for tax assessments, and in 2005 the Scotts turned that business into DataScout, which provides web pages for county offices in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

“We realized that public data in Arkansas was lacking in accessibility, so we tried and aimed to become a full resource for public data in Arkansas, starting with real estate,” Cory Scott said. “That has morphed into providing service and software applications not only to the private sector, but also back to the counties.”

DataScout, as any member of the media, real estate or business community is aware, is the go-to source for real estate, assessment and tax records.

“A lot of what DataScout provides is a conduit of information from the county courthouses,” Cory Scott said. “We don’t get engaged in developing the data or collecting the data. We help them host and maintain so the public can gain access.

“We truly changed the way people did business in Arkansas simply because they were used to having to drive to the courthouse or make phone calls and fax information back and forth.”