Danielle Hoefer

Medical Marijuana Staff Attorney

Alcoholic Beverage Control Division

Little Rock

Age: 28

Danielle Hoefer

In her job as the medical marijuana lawyer for the state ABC Division, Danielle Hoefer provides advice about implementing Arkansas’ medical marijuana program. The position is both new — she joined the division in January — and high profile, but Hoefer said she gained invaluable experience in her previous post as an attorney with the Arkansas National Guard.

Her duties ranged from handling employment matters to working in the Guard’s legal assistance program, which offers free legal help to all service members as well as their dependents, along with retirees and veterans — “almost anybody who’s ever served.” In addition she was an administrative law judge for the Guard traffic court at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock and Fort Chaffee near Fort Smith.

“I honestly could not have asked for a better opportunity to get a lot of experience in a lot of things, and I had two really good mentors and teachers,” Hoefer said. They were Maj. Natalie Brown and Lt. Col. Jeff Wood. Her work with the legal assistance program was recognized with the Guard’s Arkansas Exceptional Service Medal, and the program itself was honored for two years in a row with the Army Chief of Staff Award for Excellence in Legal Assistance.

As for her position as the ABC’s medical marijuana attorney, Hoefer said, “It’s always exciting to be a part of something new.”