Chris Pledger

VP, Commercial Lender

Eagle Bank & Trust

Little Rock

Age: 28

Chris Pledger

Banking found Chris Pledger. He was young, just looking for a job, and he hired on as a teller with Regions Bank in Jonesboro, where he was a scholarship golfer at Arkansas State University.

Something about banking just fit the business major from Sheridan. In addition to the nuts and bolts, he enjoys building relationships with customers and helping them with current issues and future goals. “You’re almost like a therapist sometimes,” he laughs.

Pledger joined Eagle Bank & Trust in 2016 and was Employee of the Year in 2017. No longer a teller, he’s been doing consumer and commercial lending for the past two years — mainly construction loans in Pulaski and Saline counties, where business has been picking up steam.

He counts George Penick, Eagle Bank’s veteran senior vice president, as a mentor.

“Mr. Penick has taught me a lot about relationships, how to treat the customer and to be the best you can. He’s truly a remarkable guy. There’s several other people who have taught me things, but George is my day-to-day guy.”

Pledger also helps organize the Travis Wood Four-Ball Invitational tournament in Bryant as a fundraiser for Saline County Safe Haven.