Nealy Wells


Lumber One Home Center


Age: 29

Nealy Wells

Nealy Wells grew up in the family business, listening to parents John and Pam Morton talk about their building supply company, where Wells is now chief financial officer.

Wells now has similar conversations with her husband, Adam, CEO of the business, which has stores in Mayflower and Stuttgart and another coming to Little Rock.

But Wells had to set limits. “We would talk about work all night, but I finally said we have to stop; we have to have a marriage, too. Now we’ve found a pretty good balance.”

Wells has enjoyed “sort of stepping into my parents’ shoes, and it’s been a learning experience working with my husband.”

A University of Arkansas marketing and management graduate, Wells belongs to the Junior League of Little Rock and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.

Wells says her dad is her mentor. “He sort of threw me to the wolves after I graduated, making me credit manager. His ways are ingrained in me, and his motto is that honesty is the best policy, sometimes to a fault.”

Wells has an adventurous side, too. When Lumber One was growing and John Morton needed a Little Rock apartment after Wells’ junior year in high school, she urged the whole family to move from Heber Springs.

Wasn’t it a hard change just before senior year? “No,” she says, “it was my favorite year of high school.”