William Childs

Vice President, Loan Administration

Simmons Bank

Little Rock

Age: 29

William Childs

William Childs describes himself as a self-motivated, data-driven, results-oriented, continuous improvement professional. “I’m a tooling engineer turned process engineer,” Childs said.

The career shift began with chain sprockets and belt tensioners at the Cloyes Gear & Products manufacturing plants in Subiaco (Logan County). Childs worked four years with the company after college and joined J.W. Aluminum Co. in Russellville for a 15-month stint as a process engineer.

In September 2017, he pursued his interest in quality control and efficiency analysis beyond manufacturing to finance. “That’s what attracted me to banking, to challenge myself: Can I do this in finance?” said Childs, who grew up in Conway.

He joined Simmons Bank in Little Rock as a process improvement specialist, helping enhance the efficiency, speed and accuracy of the lender’s back office administration.

These days, Childs directs a team of 49 associates across five states in commercial loan administration.

An alumnus of Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2012.

Childs mentored at-risk kids in Russellville through the Age to Age program in his past community work.