Zack Kifer

Associate Director

Newmark Moses Tucker Partners


Age: 26

Zack Kifer

Zack Kifer didn’t wait until after he graduated to start his career and get some experience. During his junior year at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, while he studied for his degree in finance with a concentration in real estate, he obtained his commercial real estate license and began interning at Flake & Kelley.

He is now the associate director of Newmark Moses Tucker Partners. During his time there he has represented businesses like Dairy Queen and Yellow Rocket Concepts, the Little Rock restaurant group behind Local Lime and Big Orange, and helped their entry into the northwest Arkansas market.

Kifer’s career path was not straightforward. He entered UA with the intention of obtaining a degree in the medical field. However, after shadowing a certified nursing assistant, he changed his plans. He had to take summer classes to make up for lost time but used the opportunity to find something he loved.

Kifer frequently volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas and supports the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Kifer wants to make the place he grew up in a better place to live through community work and by using his position to improve the region.