Brittney Roy

Health & Human Services Liaison

Governor’s Office

Little Rock

Age: 29

Brittney Roy

Brittney Roy has attained professional success by doing the work that others didn’t want to do.

During her time working in global public health at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Roy was asked to help with a project that others had passed on. Her willingness to help left an impression on a faculty member that eventually led to a position in the governor’s office as health and human services liaison.

She didn’t know how, but Roy always knew she wanted to effect policy. “It was never a straight line or something I planned for. It was just this wonderful thing that happened, and sometimes I don’t think I deserve it but I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Roy attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and earned her master’s degree in public administration and nonprofit management. She is a chair member of the central Arkansas chapter of the Arkansas Urban League Young Professionals and has been active in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas since 2017.

“We all have eyes and we all see and hear things we don’t agree with that upset us. The best way to change something you don’t like is to get involved with your elected officials and to be an advocate for policy,” Roy said.