Daveante Jones

Associate Attorney

Wright Lindsey Jennings

Little Rock

Age: 28

Daveante Jones

As the oldest of six siblings, Daveante Jones is used to being looked up to and setting an example for younger people to follow. Jones has accomplished a lot in his 28 years, from having his work published in the Arkansas Law Review to being chosen to participate in the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery’s most recent marketing campaign, which featured past recipients in commercials and on its website.

In 2017, while studying law at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Jones was given the opportunity to intern with Wright Lindsey Jennings, which led to his current position as an associate attorney. This is where Jones discovered an interest in employment and labor law. As a young Black professional raised in Ashdown, where opportunities are not in abundance, Jones hopes to inspire other people like him to chase their dreams.

Helping others is all Jones wanted to do as a professional, and with his love of the law and disappointment in injustices, he is able to do what he loves every day.

“I just want people to know I’m continually striving to know my purpose in life. I try to find my purpose in helping others,” Jones said.