Tina Shelby


PLANTation Services

Little Rock

Tina Shelby

Horticulture has been Tina Shelby's life work. In high school, she worked part time in a greenhouse. She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1980 with a horticulture degree and started PLANTation Services from her home soon thereafter.

The business provides indoor plants for area businesses and homes and visits customers weekly to care for the plants.

"I started the business straight out of college," the 39-year-old Shelby says. "It's really been the only job I've ever had." Shelby's husband of seven years, Randy Cooper, is her business partner and marketing guru.

When she's not taking care of central Arkansas's plant life, she likes to play tennis and enjoys camping and snow skiing.

But work keeps her quite busy. She spends much of her time making sure the company's employees, 14 at last count, are well-trained and well-educated about the service.

Shelby says her goal is to "educate our market about the use of plants to enhance the workplace." She says she just loves bringing a service to people that makes them feel better.