Maura Walsh

President and CEO

Columbia Doctors Hospital

Little Rock

Maura Walsh

Maura Walsh usually finds herself very much the youngster at gatherings of hospital execs, but she says it doesn't intimidated her.

"I've been in the field for so long, it just seems such a natural thing to me," the 37-year-old Walsh says. "I've been in health care administration for 16 years. It's just what I do.

"I've focused my whole career this way ... It's something I enjoy. I think when you enjoy what you do, you do it well."

The New England native was named to direct Columbia Doctors Hospital in February after spending most of her career in the Houston area, where she did her post-graduate work. Before coming to Little Rock, she was chief operating officer at a large Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. hospital in a Houston suburb.

Walsh's newest locale may be slower-paced, but industry isn't, she says.

"Arkansas is changing rapidly and Columbia plans to increase its presence here," she says. "I'd like to grow and develop as the state grows and develops."

Walsh credits the CEOs she's worked for and says she's tried to make sure her style "is one that exemplifies a good leader."