David Crews

Executive vice president

Crews & Associates

Little Rock

David Crews

Put at the bottom rung 13 years ago and forced to work, David Crews has climbed his way to the top.

Crews, 35, discovered his knack for the financial business while still in college; but despite his abilities, his father put him at the bottom and told him to dig his way out. "He even put quotas on me when he didn't anyone else," Crews says.

However, Crews now credits his dad with making him a responsible and successful businessman.

Crews & Associates is a full-service institutional broker, but it has found its special niche in tax-free bonds. Crews specializes in tax-free bonds from Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Puerto Rico.

His father, who started the firm, died last year and Crews has made it his goal to continue the family atmosphere among the 105 employees.

"This firm has earned respect in the state and across the country, and my goal is to keep that respect. It is team effort at Crews & Associates and I owe any success have to the fe low employees, Crews says.

Part of the team effort comes from the practice of requiring all licensed dealers at the firm to sell bonds and maintain clients, keeping them in touch with customers and focused on why the company is in business.

Crews is a board member of the Little Rock YMCA and also serves on the regional advisory council of Arkansas Children's Hospital.