Terri Hollingsworth Davis


State Election Commission

Little Rock

Terri Hollingsworth Davis

As director of the state Board of Election Commissioners, Terry Hollingsworth Davis is an important aide to Secretary of State Sharon Priest.

At 33, she comes to the job with vast experience in government work. Fresh out of Washington's Howard University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in city planning, and a year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law, Davis took a job as a planner in the Little Rock Department of Neighborhoods and Planning, compiling a comprehensive zoning plan for the areas outside of the city.

Later, after a stint conducting community workshops in Alexandria, Va., she became project administrator of Future-Little Rock from 1992-94, helping the 36-member community board set goals for the city. Davis went back to planning for the city when the Future-Little Rock project played out, and then moved to the secretary of state's office, initially as a coordinator of special projects, until she took over as director of the Board of Flection Commissioners in November.

Davis is heavily involved in civic activities, with special emphasis on programs that help the black community. She is a member of Links Inc., a black women's service organization that tries to improve the lives of black residents through youth programs in the areas of birth control, abstinence, drugs, alcohol and the like. She is a board member at Camp Alders gate, the rural camp that, among other things, provides special camp activities for children with disabilities. Davis also is a board member of the Museum of Science and History.