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Little Rock

Mike Sells

A surprise awaited Mike Sells when he returned from a recent trip. He found he'd been promoted to president of the Sells & Associates advertising and public relations firm.

"It was one of those reverse coups," he says laughing. "It happened when I was on vacation. I said, 'Dadgummit, I leave and you go and make me president.'"

Actually, Sells' ascension to the top of the company isn't all that immediate, he says. But at the end of this year, his father, Bob Sells, will retire and is selling his company to his 34-year-old son and Bryan Clark, who was recently named executive vice president.

Mike Sells joined his dad in January 1995. Bob Sells formed the company a few years earlier, focusing on public relations. Through his work with First Commercial Bank and Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, Mike Sells developed several ties in the banking industry and came aboard to develop the advertising and marketing.

"There was some business here that I look on, but it was certainly not enough to justify my existence here," he says. "My goal was to get out and get some business, get some clients and make them happy."

Sells was a theater major in college and planned to go to New York after graduation. "Then I fell head over heels in love, and I knew I couldn't do that to two people. It's OK to do that if it's just you."

So, he went to work for Hugh Pollard straight out of school, and advertising became his life.

Sells spends much of his free time volunteering for Christian service work.