Pete Silva

Operations Manager

Frito-Lay Inc.


Pete Silva

Pete Silva's career with Frito-Lay Inc. has been a 15-year climb through the corporate ranks. His newest assignment has brought him to Jonesboro, where he is overseeing development of the new snack food plant now under construction.

Silva leaped at the opportunity to help build an $80 million development from the ground up. He asked to come to Arkansas in January 1996 to work on the new facility and helped participate in the final decision on where to locate the plant in Jonesboro.

The 38-year-old executive will supervise operations once the 400,000-SF project is complete, a position that will provide a jumping-off point for future advancement.

"I'll probably be moving on to bigger and better things after the plant is up and running," Silva says.

Before landing the Jonesboro job, he led the company's Irving. Texas, plant through an expansion and renovation. Positions in warehouse management, production management, headquarters and plant management took him to Pleasanton and Bakersfield, Calif., suburban Phoenix and Piano, Texas.

Silva graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1982, with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. He joined Frito-Lay as a first line production supervisor.

The United Way has been a focus of his volunteer work. Silva has joined the board of trustees for the Greater Jonesboro United Way.