Larry Waschka

President and CEO

Waschka Capital Investments

Little Rock

Larry Waschka

Larry Waschka's father wanted him to take over the family Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship in El Dorado.

"That didn't really turn me on," the younger Waschka admits. "I found out you could make money researching and studying the economics of the world, and I was fascinated by that."

Once he fell in love with the investment business, he went to work for Merrill Lynch to learn the business. Seven years ago, he started Waschka Capital Investments with 13 clients with combined portfolios worth $3 million in assets.

That client base has blossomed into 380 clients at an aggregate $89 million under management.

"It's my passion, my hobby," the 35-year-old Waschka says. "If you really want to build wealth, find something you're passionate about and that's where your business should lie."

WCI provides portfolio management and financial planning for people with $500,000 or more invested. Waschka sums the business up as a financial concierge service.

For his clients, Waschka can provide other services in addition to investing, services from running errands for out-of-country clients to advising managers on business decisions.

Waschka also penned "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Rich" and has taught some 3,500 workshops.

"All that was to teach and empower, and the more I did that, the more my business grew," he says.

It's going so well, WCI has stopped advertising its services. The business continues to grow by personal referrals only.