David Weiss

Chairman, CEO and President

Radiology Associates

Little Rock

David Weiss

Experience and age are the usual marked traits of leadership in a medical practice, particularly one venerable as Little Rock's Radiology Associates. It speaks volumes of David Weiss, then, that the 80-year-old practice turned to a 39-year-old physician as its president.

"We decided as a group that we had to reorganize the way we do business, that every member being a board member was not an effective way to make decisions," Weiss says. "I'm very pleased the group put its faith in me."

In May, the 23-physician firm created an empowered board of five doctors to make all of its decisions. Before that, the board had an elective committee, of which Weiss was a member.

"We think we are the only medical group that has done that in the state," he says. "The funny thing is, the business world has done this forever. I don't pretend this notion is new, but medicine has been relatively sheltered from the realities of business."

Managed care is changing that, he says. His goal is to create for the firm a stable practice environment for years to come in what is a relatively unstable industry.

Weiss began his career with Radiology Associates in 1991. Its founding members were the first group of radiologists in the state.

Weiss did a fellowship in nuclear medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Centers positron-emission tomography (PET) scanner, which can detect disease on the cellular level, is an area of his expertise.

Weiss is on the school board at Pulaski Academy and serves on the school's education committee.