Gene Whisenhunt

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

TCBY Enterprises

Little Rock

Gene Whisenhunt

He's helped restructure TCBY Enterprises Inc. and looks forward to spending many years watching it grow.

Gene Whisenhunt, at 36, is the executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer for TCBY Enterprises Inc. He's responsible for all of the company's finance administration, information systems and is a member of the executive management team.

"I have had an opportunity here," he says. "What I see from my work at TCBY is that a person in our society who has the knowledge and desire and drive and ambition, even though you're young, you can achieve success."

Whisenhunt has been at TCBY for eight years. He started as vice president of finance, was promoted to senior vice president of finance and remained in that position until 1995 when he was promoted to his current position.

Before working at TCBY, Whisenhunt was in the audit division at Ernst & Young.

The Ouachita Baptist University graduate cites working on TCBY's restructuring of the mid-1990s as one of his most significant professional accomplishments.

"The current management team has developed a restructuring plan that is one of my career highlights," he says. "The repositioning and progress we've made in last 18 months is the creation of a foundation that we will build on for the future, and being part of a team that's done that is absolutely a highlight that encompasses all I've done."

Whisenhunt says he hopes to remain a driving force behind the Arkansas-based company for many years.