George Wilkerson

Chief Executive Officer

Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights LLC

Little Rock

George Wilkerson

Stuck in a Chicago traffic jam early last year, George Wilkerson decided it was time to make a career decision.

"I called my wife and asked her where she wanted 10 move," he says. The choice was Little Rock, and the timing was perfect.

The Cabot native's first call was to Miller Research Group, just when David Miller was in discussions with Karen Flake about selling her his company. Wilkerson met Flake, and a few months later - in July 1996 - Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights was a reality.

Wilkerson, 35, obtained a business degree with emphasis on computer science from the University of Central Arkansas. The Cabot native then joined Maritz Marketing Research, the company dedicated to a major regional telecommunications firm. Starting as a computer services manager in Little Rock, Wilkerson rose to the level of vice president and division manager in Chicago after stop overs in St. Louis and New York.

As the son of a Methodist minister, Wilkerson was used to moving to different towns. But with a wife and two young children, he was ready to put down some roots last year.

"The reason I succeeded at Maritz was that I could talk to people and communicate well," he says. "I'm also pretty entrepreneurial. I'm always looking for ways to make something work a better way. It drives our staff crazy."

Wilkerson is on the board of Easter Seals, the Central Arkansas Executives Association and is active in public school issues. He also helped establish the Central Arkansas American Marketing Association and is its president.