Robyn Goforth

Chief Scientific Officer



Age: 36

Robyn Goforth

Robyn Goforth co-founded University of Arkansas startup BiologicsMD with a lofty goal.

"The road to drug development is so long that many potential medications never reach the end, the patient’s bedside," Goforth said. "As a co-founder of BiologicsMD, my long-term goal is to make that happen. We want to bring the results of academic research on biologics-based medications to the marketplace."

BiologicsMD has developed a patent-pending treatment for osteoporosis that binds to the bone and spurs new bone growth. Goforth and her colleagues took their business plan to unparalleled heights for an Arkansas startup, winning several prestigious international business plan competitions in 2010.

Goforth said the firm's ultimate goal was to license its treatment to a pharmaceutical company once Phase 1 trials were complete.

In addition to her work with BiologicsMD, Goforth is research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the UA. She believes the further development of a strong tech-based startup community is important to the future of the state.

"As a long-term resident of Arkansas, I believe that technology-based job creation is vital to our state’s economic future," Goforth said. "Part of what motivates me is the creation of the types of high-paying, knowledge-based jobs that Arkansas needs."