Andrew King


Williams & Anderson PLC

Little Rock

Age: 29

Andrew King

What do Metropolitan National Bank's foreclosure on Pinnacle Point in Rogers, the note-holder's foreclosure on the Fayetteville Athletic Club and Centennial Bank's claim against Gene Cauley's former law partners have in common? Andrew King.

King, an associate with the Little Rock law firm of Williams & Anderson, says he prefers appellate law and First Amendment issues, but he has let his clients' needs guide his practice. As a result, he has been involved in some of the highest profile business litigation to emerge from the Great Recession in Arkansas.

"I want to take on the bigger cases, and these are the bigger cases right now," he said. "You want to pursue your clients' rights, wherever that might take you. And if you have that attitude, you're not going to be as much of a specialist."

King earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He earned his law degree at the UA in 2007. After a year clerking for U.S. Circuit Judge Bobby E. Shepherd of El Dorado, King joined Williams & Anderson in August 2008.

With mentoring from Jess Askew and Phil Kaplan, King has learned this: "A lawyer is like the holder for the place kicker. You're only noticed when something goes wrong."