Monique Yarnell

Founder, CEO & Coach

Que Consulting Group

Little Rock

Age: 29

Monique Yarnell

Monique Yarnell’s passion is education.

Because of that, she dropped a career at Dillard’s in 2008 to start a business as an independent education consultant.

Yarnell said the change stemmed from her desire to help others, since mentors helped her in her education and life journeys. She named the company Que in reference to her name and the word “cue.”

“Like a cue card,” Yarnell said. “Prompting someone to take that next step.”
She acquired a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and business from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in 2005 and then went to work for Dillard’s as a product buyer.

Now, she advises high school students, helping them minimize stress and deliberately set and achieve academic and career goals.

Yarnell and her other coaches help students think through their interests, skills and values when considering colleges and degree programs.

Among Yarnell’s objectives are to improve college retention rates and create a more educated populace. Arkansas students often drop out of college or struggle with transferring from school to school, she said.

“A lot of that has to do with the fact that they didn’t map out their decision[s],” she said.