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Adam Curtwright

Adam Curtwright, 39

Vice President

Centennial Bank


Professional achievements
• Working up the chain from part-time teller/janitor to vice president.
• Graduate of the Paul W. Barrett, Jr. School of Banking.
• Spirit of Batesville Award winner.
• Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year.
• Restoring the Melba Theater.

Community involvement
Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador; Member of Batesville Kiwanis Club; elder at the Compass Church; co-owner of the Melba Theater.

Most valuable lesson learned
“Making mistakes is inevitable. The key is to continually strive to improve yourself, learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward.”

Professional inspiration
“Working toward creating something that embodies the values cherished by my family, community and faith as we move forward together.”

First job and lesson learned
“While working as a ticket taker at the Melba Theater, a ‘second run’ venue with $2 tickets, I discovered that the true value of something isn’t always determined by its cost. Moreover, I realized firsthand how individuals can significantly enhance a customer experience regardless of the settings.”

Top challenge facing Arkansas
“Housing is one of the top challenges due to problems with affordability, availability and quality.”

Best thing about Arkansas
“Apart from its natural beauty, what sets Arkansas apart is its strong community spirit. Help and support are readily available, reflecting the deep sense of unity among its residents.”

Advice for future 40 Under 40 honorees
“Reflect on your journey, remembering where you began and the challenges you’ve overcome.”

One word to describe you

Learning from a mentor
“I feel incredibly fortunate to have had numerous individuals pour into my life and offer guidance. Among the invaluable lessons they’ve imparted, the most significant is the foundational importance of integrity in everything we do.”

Professional “aha” moment
“In the early stages of my career, I was tasked with helping a market following the departure of the bank president, despite my initial inexperience as a lender. I anticipated a short-term commitment; however, it extended to over eight months. Through this journey, I embraced my mistakes, learned valuable lessons and emerged stronger than before.”

Most fulfilling career moment
“There have been many over the past 18 years, but one conversation sticks out. I had a customer who had originally banked with my grandfather early in his career. When they approached me for assistance later on, I was able to help them, and they went on to say that my grandfather was their first banker when they were young and starting out, and they wanted me to be their last banker.”

Making Arkansas more attractive to young professionals
“Enhancing the overall quality of life cannot be overlooked. Making improvements in infrastructure, health care, education and recreational options would attract more people.”

Where you see yourself in 10 years
“Continuously working towards creating a positive influence on my community, aiming to enhance the quality of life for generations to come.”

Advice for your 18-year-old self
“Pause. Take a breath. Progress won’t come overnight, but great things lie ahead. It’ll be challenging, but perseverance is key. Don’t give up!”

How you define success
“It’s not just about reaching a destination or status, but also about the journey of self-growth and making a positive impact on oneself and their community.”

Career dream as a child
“Head coach of the Arkansas Razorback baseball team.”


40 Under 40

June 10, 2025

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