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Morgan Wiles

Morgan Wiles, 39


WinChoice USA/Morfe Windows

Mountain Pine

Professional achievements
• Army Service Ribbon.
• Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.
• Grew WinChoice USA from a small startup to employing more than 250 people across nine states.

Community involvement
Rebuilding his hometown, Mountain Pine (Garland County), has been Wiles’ driving force, with his company investing $10 million in restoration over a decade; supports Habitat for Humanity builds, Abilities Unlimited and Pathways2Employment.

First job and lesson learned
“My first job was as a cook at Lake Ouachita State Park, and it taught me a crucial lesson: You have to have the right ingredients to make things work out correctly. In cooking, just as in life, the quality of what you start with greatly affects the outcome. I learned the importance of attention to detail, preparation and selecting the best components.”

Advice for future 40 Under 40 honorees
“My advice for others is simple: Never stop and keep pushing forward. Persistence, resilience and determination are key ingredients for success. No matter the obstacles or setbacks you encounter, stay focused on your goals and keep moving forward.”

Top challenge facing Arkansas
“Arkansas faces the challenge of overcoming stereotypes and stigma. Despite its rich culture, natural beauty and economic potential, misconceptions about the state persist. Addressing these perceptions through highlighting achievements, promoting diversity and fostering innovation will be crucial for Arkansas to realize its full potential and attract investment and talent.”

Professional “aha” moment
“My career ‘aha moment’ occurred when an attorney advised me against noncompete agreements, urging me to focus on being the best employer possible. They emphasized that by fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment, the right people would naturally choose to stay. This revelation shifted my perspective from restrictive practices to prioritizing employee well-being and professional growth. It illuminated the power of building trust and loyalty through genuine care, ultimately leading to greater retention and success within my organization.”

Professional inspiration
“My professional inspiration lies in the profound influence of God and family. Their guidance, values and unconditional love fuel my determination, shaping my decisions and fostering a deep sense of purpose in every aspect of my career.”

Learning from a mentor
“Patrick Bet David, my mentor, has profoundly influenced my approach to life and business by emphasizing the importance of authenticity. He taught me that success stems from staying true to oneself, embracing authenticity and never compromising on core values. Through his mentorship, I’ve learned to navigate challenges with integrity and confidence, understanding that authenticity is the foundation of meaningful connections and sustainable growth.”

Most valuable lesson
“The most profound lesson I’ve gleaned is the importance of reciprocating care: to tend to those who extend their care to you. It entails acknowledging and valuing the support, kindness and efforts invested by others. Whether in personal or professional spheres, recognizing and reciprocating this support cultivates robust relationships and nurtures a sense of community. It involves not only giving back, but also fostering genuine empathy, active listening and meaningful assistance when needed. Prioritizing the well-being of those who support you not only fortifies bonds but also engenders trust, loyalty and collaboration, enhancing collective success and fulfillment.”

Career dream as a child
”As a child, my career dream was simply to serve others. Whether as a teacher, doctor or firefighter, I envisioned making a positive impact. This childhood aspiration fuels my commitment to service-oriented roles throughout my career.”

Most fulfilling career moment
“My most fulfilling career moments involve rebuilding communities, from Iraq to Arkansas. Witnessing the transformation and impact of revitalization efforts on people’s lives brings unparalleled fulfillment. It’s a testament to the power of collective action.”

Making Arkansas more attractive to young professionals
“Arkansas can become more appealing to young professionals by investing in vibrant urban centers, fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, providing robust job opportunities, and enhancing quality of life amenities such as affordable housing and recreation.”

Best thing about Arkansas
“The best thing about Arkansas lies in its abundant natural resources and environmental features. From its lush forests and scenic rivers to its diverse wildlife and picturesque landscapes, Arkansas offers unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation.”

Advice for your 18-year-old self
“If I could advise my 18-year-old self, I’d emphasize the importance of prayer, patience and self-trust. Through prayer, find guidance and strength in challenging times. Practice patience; life unfolds at its own pace. Most importantly, trust yourself; you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle with determination and belief in your abilities.”

How you define success
“I define success by the thriving of those around me, not merely surviving. True success is when others flourish in their endeavors, relationships and well-being because of the support, guidance and positive influence I provide. It’s about fostering an environment where everyone can reach their full potential and experience fulfillment in all aspects of life.”

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June 10, 2025

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