Rogers Archives Scores 2 New Photo Collections

The Rogers Photo Archive said this week that it has secured two new collections: photos from the Minneapolis Star newspaper and The Newman Collection, which boasts some of highest resolution sports photography of the 1960s. 

According to the archive, the Minneapolis Star collection includes more than 1.2 million photos dating back to 1920. In addition to photos from throughout Minnesota, the collection contains national and international content as well. The archive expects photos from the Star collection to be available this summer.

The Newman Collection is made up of 5,000 photos by Marvin Newman, who used kodachrome technology in sports photogrophy. The archive said Newman mainly shot Major League Baseball, including on-field action at World Series games. There's also shots of Hall of Famers like Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial, as well as photos from various spring training venues.

The Newman Collection will be available on the archive website in "just days," the archive said. 

Meanwhile, the archive is close to opening its new 15,000-SF facility in North Little Rock, where it will house its library of 200 million images.