Art Director/Graphic Designer

Company: The Design Group

Updated: 3/6/2019


The Design Group, Arkansas’ LEADER in multicultural marketing seeks qualified candidate: Position: Art Director/Graphic Designer Arkansas’ fastest growing Marketing and Public Relations firm, The Design Group, is seeking to augment their team with a savvy, creative Art Director/Graphic Designer. From conceptualization to execution, this immersive team member will be responsible for all types of creative design (both digital and print as well as collateral materials). Skills required TDG realizes we all bring a set of skills to the table. With that in mind, we like for our team members to be a melting pot of: • Rubik’s Cube champ—ability to problem solve is uber important. • Juggling pro—lots of balls in the air all the time, so multitasking is chief. • Own at least one pair of running shoes to keep up in our fast paced environment. • Ability to telephone, tell a friend—ie. Strong communication skills, both oral and written • Keen, Eagle-like vision— at least when it comes to details • Projecting a cucumber cool presence— working under pressure whilst maintaining a cool outlook • Mr./Ms./Mx. Confident—ability to be confident enough to give clients trust in your work. • And, always, the personality and character to build relationships with your team members and a rapport with your clients Job-Specific Requirements • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or similar field • Around 1 year experience in graphic design. (Unless you’re a superstar, we accept superstar experience.) • Adobe Creative Suite Champion Benefits: The Design Group’s culture is flexible and team oriented. The position will report directly to the Creative Director while being accountable to the entire TDG team. All TDG positions includes a robust benefits package and perks such as no dress code, generous vacation time, flexible workweeks and generous professional development opportunities.