Obama's Cabinet-Creating Challenge (Commentary)


President-elect Barack Obama has shown courage and imagination by inviting a now famous team of rivals to serve in his cabinet. Much has been made of the comparisons with Abraham Lincoln's similar strategy. However, we know now that it did not work out so read more >

Lessons From the Election (Commentary)


Mergers, reorganizations, changes in board makeup and even the ritual of annual budgeting create schisms that leaders must deal with every day. So how does a leader function when faced with such active opposition? read more >

Commerce Arkansas Attracts 900 to Downtown Little Rock

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Commerce Arkansas, the first business-to-business showcase jointly sponsored by Arkansas Business and the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, attracted 900 business representatives to the Statehouse Convention Center last Wednesday. read more >

Tain't What You Do (I. Barry Goldberg Commentary)

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What if we adopted a definition of leadership that is not solely a domain of inspiration and relationship any more than management is purely about wielding power? read more >

Executive Development in Hard Times

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An executive team is an expensive asset. Its impact is far more than the cost of keeping the team members. It includes the opportunity cost and return on what the team can, or cannot, accomplish. read more >