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Roxanne Jones became a researcher at Arkansas Business Publishing Group in 2011. She collects and maintains data for ABPG publications including Arkansas Business and Little Rock Family. She has a bachelor's of journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and spent seven years as a copy editor at various newspapers including Newsday and the St. Petersburg Times. 

Latest Articles

Setting the Solar Status Quo (Feedback)


As Arkansans are confronted with economic and public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing anyone needs is an unfair, multimillion-dollar increase in electric rates to subsidize a small group of private solar developers. read more >

SPONSORED: How to Market Through Tough, Uncertain Times

SPONSORED: How to Market Through Tough, Uncertain Times

It seems like we're faced with new challenges (both professionally and personally) on an hourly basis. As business professionals, marketing our products and services can easily fall to the bottom of our priority list. Here are some things to try to remember while we battle a suddenly difficult economy. read more >

'Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later' (David Maxwell Commentary)

'Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later' (David Maxwell Commentary)

OpinionHealth CareTransportation

Preparedness is not sexy, and when the planning and stockpiling work, the public doesn't see it. When preparedness is lacking, as now, the failure is glaring. If we truly believed in preparedness, we wouldn't have trillions of dollars worth of deferred maintenance on our decaying infrastructure and systems — but we do. read more >