Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

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An independent panel of judges recognized these cities, large and small, for their commitment to improving the lives of their citizens and the health of their communities. Whether by employing young people, expanding recycling centers, or attracting visitors to their downtown cores, these cities have shown a commitment to improvement and a vision for the future.

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Congratulations to the 2018 Trendsetter Cities (Message from Sponsor)

Great progress doesn't just happen. It requires a healthy balance of leadership and vision. Strength and strategy. Resources and risk. read more >

Springdale Career Academy Provides Workforce Infusion (Education/Workforce | Winner, Class I)

The Springdale Chamber of Commerce has several workforce development initiatives, but one innovative approach uses public/private partnerships to directly benefit local employers, students and schools. read more >

Morrilton Puts Students On Partnership Path (Education/Workforce | Winner, Class III)

Morrilton is making waves with its new Pathways to Opportunities Partnership (POP) program. read more >

Jonesboro Has Young Talent on Job Track (Education/Workforce | Honorable Mention)

The Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce's Workforce Development Committee, along with a private partner, Jonesboro Unlimited, doesn't wait for students to graduate high school to inform them of job opportunities. read more >

Pea Ridge, Built for Future, Puts Focus On Future (Education/Workforce | Honorable Mention)

Pea Ridge residents know where to go when they have business with the city government or the school district. read more >

Fayetteville Taking Action on Clean Energy (Environmental | Winner, Class I)

A year in the making, Fayetteville's Energy Action Plan is looking years into the future. read more >

Clarksville Shines, Saves, Conserves With Solar Power (Environmental | Winner, Class II)

Clarksville Light & Water Company (CLW) in Clarksville is looking toward the future by investing in the present. read more >

Every Drop Counts For Water Customers In Hot Springs (Environmental | Honorable Mention)

Residents of Hot Springs no longer have reason to raise their eyebrows when their water bills arrive in the mail. read more >

Mobility Plan Designed to Keep Fayetteville Moving (Infrastructure | Winner, Class I)

As part of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country, boasting a major university and thriving economy, Fayetteville has done its best through the years to stay a step ahead of its growing crowd. read more >

Fiber Optics Give Clarksville Clear View Of Future (Infrastructure | Winner, Class II)

Clarksville has constructed its own fiber optic network to connect its water and electric utility infrastructure as well as the corresponding office facilities. read more >

Facilities, Academies Benefit Fayetteville First Responders (Public Safety | Winner, Class I)

Fayetteville's police and fire departments are fighting crime and fire with teaching and training. read more >

No Rest For Well-Trained Fairfield Bay Public Safety Staff (Public Safety | Winner, Class III)

Fairfield Bay may be known as a relatively quiet resort and retirement community, but its public safety department is anything but sleepy. read more >

Jonesboro Gets Technical to Secure Citizens' Safety (Public Safety | Honorable Mention)

The city of Jonesboro, which encompasses more square mileage (80.5) than metropolitan cities St. Louis and Cincinnati, is taking a proactive approach to maintaining public safety. read more >

Lowell Hits The Trail to Provide Historical Education (Tourism | Winner, Class II)

The city of Lowell is looking toward the future while preserving its past with a new trail marking historic landmarks around the town. read more >

Fairfield Bay Puts Itself on the Tourism Map (Tourism | Winner, Class III)

Tired of the reputation as a quiet community, community leaders in 2012 realized they needed to grow Fairfield Bay and quickly. read more >

Grants, Partnerships Have Jonesboro Residents On Track (Wellness | Winner, Class I)

Partnerships have the city of Jonesboro on the wellness trail. read more >

Monticello Says 'Play Ball' With Miracle League Field (Wellness | Winner, Class II)

Baseball has long been called America's pastime. and thanks to the hard work of Monticello residents, disabled children have the opportunity to experience the joys of the game at the city's new Miracle League field. read more >

Bryant Urges Entire Community to 'Be Well' (Wellness | Honorable Mention)

Bryant wants its city employees to do well and "Be Well" on and off the job. read more >

Fayetteville Fully Focused On Cycling, Walking (Wellness | Honorable Mention)

Coordinating cycling and walking programs in Fayetteville is now a full-time job. read more >